San Diego California

San Diego California…what can I say, the sun, the sand and a whole lot of paddle boarding …the entire vibe there just envelopes summer.

I'm always feeding animals everywhere I go -I love animals that's no surprise. They tend to gravitate to me;)

Speaking of animals have you ever taken a private boat into open ocean and had wild dolphins swim next to it ? Neither had I until this day…what an experience !!

Majestic is the only word that can even come close to what that experience was 🐬😊

Bahamas and West Palm Beach Florida 

Ahhh the Bahamas….

I’ve never been to an island anywhere other than Hawaii, and I’m a west coast girl through and through. Had a great little 2 day cruise deal advertised with a day trip to the Bahamas leaving from West Palm Beach Florida and a day excursion too.

I plan all my trips around my sons school schedule and bring him with me everywhere. Spring break seemed like a good idea at the time . 

After booking the tickets we decided to spend a few days in West Palm Beach as we have never been before.
West palm beach wasn’t anything like the west coast beaches we have grown up with and adore, they were different. 

It was interesting to see the difference from the east coast to the west for sure. ​

​After exploring WPB for a couple days it was finally time to board our cruise. 

I have never been on a boat before and was kinda excited and nervous. 

Being on a cruise boat was Amazing!!;) 24/7 food anytime you want, a casino on board tons of activities and shows and shops to go too. It was super Fun!

The only thing I didn’t take into consideration was how serious “sea sickness” could be. 

Dramamine did nothing.One of the shops sold sea sickness oil you put behind your ears and that seemed to ease the nausea. 

Thank goodness!

The next day we arrived at Grand Bahama island. It looked a bit industrial from the ship. We had booked a day excursion Jeep tour, and got to experience a private beach, a tour of the island and a few other great activities. 

I highly recommend the jeep tour. You get your own Jeep and travel in a convoy to different locations. The weather was perfect and we saw a lot in 8hrs. 

Then after a full 8hrs exploring the island you get back on the cruise ship and sail back to the states . 

Definetly worth checking out and a fun little trip;)


If you ever get the chance to take a drive up the coast of California along the PCH hwy 1 …Do it. 

It’s a beautiful drive and popular for a reason. Who doesn’t love a good road trip?? Designated an All-American Road—among the nation’s most scenic—the drive encompasses both the Big Sur Coast Highway and the San Luis Obispo North Coast Byway.

The PCH 1 hwy wraps up along the coast of California approx.  123/125 miles. Word has it, it takes about five hours to complete but we went from LA to SFO in about Ten hours stopping at every beach and every cool place along the way. We just took our time driving up the coast and it was well worth it!!

When we finally did get to San Francisco it was every bit exhilarating and wonderful as we imagined!;)

We took a open top tour bus across the Golden Gate Bridge. If you ever get the chance to do this, you won’t be disappointed. Just bring a jacket as it’s cold no matter what time of year it is going across the bridge. 

The Golden Gate Bridge spans skyward at 746 feet and cost approx. 35million in principal and 39million in interest.

Construction started in 1937 as workers struggled against high winds, treacherous rock and tides. It would end up taking 11 workers lives before being complete in 1941. 

Going over the bridge the actual vast sight of it was beyond ginormous. It’s no wonder why it’s named one of the 7 wonders in the world. 

Before our trip ended  we decided to hike the Muir woods located just 11 miles north of the bridge as well. 

I heard of the prehistoric trees that existed there and had to see for myself. 

They were no joke…they were high up as far as the eye could see….their is something beautiful about hearing nothing but your own breathing and footsteps in such a majestic place…

It’s almost spiritual. It was quiet…probably because people are just in absolute “awe” of its vastness to say anything…oh and their is absolutely no cell service whatsoever

 (so plan for that;)

I loved that. Sometimes it’s nice to disconnect from technology and enjoy the world around you for what it is…truly.

This is definetly somewhere I’d like to come back too…

Oh and I had to hug a tree 😉 I mean look at it ?? It’s beautiful;) 

For a place that once existed when dinosaurs roamed the land, I’m glad these trees are protected to be still standing here today. 


I would like to start by saying I have never met a more kind people than the Irish

It was my families first time going to Dublin, Ireland. We are of Irish, Scottish and Spanish heritage – it only seemed right to visit places of our families history first . 

Every single person we encountered in Dublin, was friendly, helpful and went above and beyond to be accommodating.  I have such good memories from our visit there and I attribute that mostly to the people. Thank you Dublin. 

When I travel, my husband likes to say I am like a hurricane, in that, I can’t stop- I go and go and have to see everything and do everything;)

He’s right and boy did we pack in as much as we could in these 10 days with 3 countries.

For Dublin we walked everywhere-I like to get in as much as I can of the local culture and history, Even in the rain;)

My son and I in the oldest church in Dublin,Ireland

It was amazing!!! It still holds services today and it’s over 1,000 years old. was not only beautiful but it felt …Holy.”

Next, we visited the Long Library located at Trinity College.

It will literally take your breath away seeing that it’s filled with over 200,000 ancient books, and is one of the Oldest libraries in the world. 

One of the most famous is an extraordinary  manuscript known as The Book of Kells. It is Thought to have been created around 800 AD by Christian monks in Scotland, it is composed of the four gospels, hand-transcribed on vellum in a beautiful script style.

The book of Kells  came to Trinity College in Dublin in 1661, for safekeeping after the Cromwellian raids. It has been on display since the 19th century.
Pictures were not allowed but it was Amazing!. 

Europe X 3

If you ever get a chance to take a overseas trip on I highly recommend doing it. It was apart of our groupon deal to travel on them to and from our Europe trip and I have never had a better experience on any other airline. Everything from the amenities you get to the way your treated by crew is Top Notch all the way. Made you feel like you were riding in First Class while seated in economy. I can’t say enough about how utterly impressed I am with this airline. 

Thank you for creating an unforgettable  experience for us on our first trip across the pond !;) 

Groupon & Travelzoo

Groupon is an amazing tool if your looking for a last minute trip anywhere in the world. Just search “Getaways” For me, I like the fact that they have multiple packages at any given time to choose from. 

I started with a trip to Ireland and then was able to do a few add-ons adding Scotland and London as well on the same trip. 10 days with airfare, a train ride, plus hotel?   Done. It was that easy. 

I will continue using their site for last minute travel. Just choose where you want to  go, choose your budget and they do the rest!

Another app I like a lot is

It’s basically the same thing with multiple packages available last minute or pre planned  in advance . Have you used either site ? Tell us your story in the comments below!;)


I’m always going somewhere. 2016 was a busy year, but 2017 is already showing promise. There are a lot of places I would like to see, I haven’t pin pointed exact place for my next adventure but I’m working on it.
Where are you planning to go this year? type your ideas in the comments below


It all started with Instagram… right before Christmas, I noticed my old camera bag was worn out and I jumped on Instagram to see what the latest and greatest camera bags from my favorite photographers were carrying these days. Seeing as my trusty Tenba bag was about 8years old and tough as it may was looking a little aged and ragged.
Insta showed these military grade, tough, bags…and… I was sold. I’ve been a photographer since 2006…but lately my photography has shifted dramatically from photographing people…to photographing places…and things… basically everywhere I’m travelling I am inspired to take a picture….the world is so vast…and I want to see it.
I ordered my camera bag and it showed up right on time, right before Christmas…it is unlike any other bag out there. It’s definitely rugged and tough. It holds more than I normally carry equipment wise. I can bring all my equipment plus a weekends worth of clothes and snacks for a weekend getaway. oh..and it still fits as a carry-on underneath the seat on a airplane….that’s crucial folks!
This is the bone minimum I carry in my bag…photog equipment is heavy and if I am not planning on using it I don’t carry it. 

So…what’s in my Langly bag?

Canon 5D mark II

cannon lenses

35mm 1.2



135mm 1.2

70-200 1.2

meFoto Travel Tripod (it fits under my backpack in the straps or it fits inside too!
Small canon snapshot camera for emergency pics I can’t get my bigger camera out for. (not featured in this photograph)

cables, chargers, batteries, CF cards….the list can go on…it depends on what your shooting,where and if you will use it.

My question to you is…what’s in your camera bag?

leave a snapshot of your bag and what you include on a average day in the comments below.